Twenty-eight Taliban members were revealed to be among those killed in the bombings outside Kabul airport Thursday as the death toll from the carnage rose to at least 85.

Two ISIS-affiliated suicide bombers killed 13 US service members and 72 Afghans — including the Taliban fighters, an official with the group and a health official told Reuters.

The uptick in reported casualties came as evacuations from Hamid Karzai International Airport continued on Friday morning, the BBC reported, citing Reuters footage.

In the wake of the deadly attack, US officials on Thursday had said the effort to evacuate Americans and its allies out of Afghanistan by Aug. 31 would continue on as planned.

President Joe Biden has vowed to hunt down the terrorists who carried out the suicide bombings — known as the Islamic State Khorasan, or ISIS-K.

Biden also said he ordered US generals to plan retaliatory strikes on the group’s key assets.

Medical staff operating
An injured patient from the attack is being assisted by the medical team, as two ISIS-affiliated suicide bombers were believed to be responsible for the ambush.
Patient in medical bed
A patient lies on a medical bed, as he was amongst the many who were injured from the bombings outside the Kabul airport.
Dead bodies of Afghans
Dead bodies of Afghans lie on the ground at a hospital after deadly attacks outside the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan.

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