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New Jersey Will Require Masks in Schools

Gov. Philip D. Murphy of New Jersey announced that due to the rapid spread of the Delta variant, all students, teachers and staff members would be required to wear masks at the start of the school year.

We are announcing that due to the recent and rampant spread of the Delta variant, the fact that no child under the age of 12 is yet eligible to be vaccinated and the reality that too many older students and their parents remain unvaccinated, that all students, educators, staff and visitors will be required to wear masks inside of school buildings regardless of vaccination status for the start of the 2021-2022 academic year. The health and safety of our kids is among, if not my most, sacred responsibility as it is, by the way, for any governor. There are issues that are and must always remain above politics and this is one of them. Anyone telling you that we can safely reopen our schools without requiring everyone inside to wear a mask is quite simply lying to you because we can’t. I want as much, believe me, as much as anybody else in our state to see our kids’ smiles as they start their school years. But I do not want to see at the same time any of them getting sick needlessly or schools have to shut down again and go remote because of an outbreak, and especially of a dangerous variant that is putting kids in its crosshairs. And I want to make it clear that as soon as conditions allow — please, God, sooner than later — we will lift this requirement again. This is not permanent.

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