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The rise in the price of liquefied petroleum gas or cooking gas has forced some residents of Kano State to seek alternatives in charcoal, kerosene, and firewood as they could no longer afford it.

The price of cooking gas as observed in some gas plants in the state is between 424 Naira and 430 per kilogram as against the former price of 370 Naira and 380 per kilogram.

The usage of cooking gas is predominately common among many residents of the state who prefer it because it burns faster and is affordable.

The narrative is, however, gradually changing as those who went to refill their gas cylinders lament over the hike in price.

Some of the residents said they have resolved to use charcoal and firewood as they cannot afford the new price.

They called on the government to urgently address the situation.

Some marketers who spoke off-camera blamed the price hike on the country’s high dependence on the importation of liquefied petroleum gas.