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Contrary to what we hear, dibias are just traditional doctors. Healing, teaching, divination, and counseling are just a few duties of dibias as mystical mediators.

People worship the major deity of a community at a shrine where they can be reached. If you’re an Igbo, you’re likely to know a native doctor or dibia.

Many refer to them as “wisdom” or “greatness” in the Igbo language, which is a literal translation of the word dibia in Igbo (native doctors). As a dibia or native doctor, most people are divinely appointed, although some can learn by being around or acting as an apprentice to a well-versed dibia.

Becoming a dibia or native doctor has several branches, hence being a native doctor requires a large amount of information. When it comes to western culture, a doctor is a teacher or learned man. A surgeon, osteopath, dentist, veterinarian, etc., are all examples of licensed healers.

They are commonly referred to as the voice of the gods or the eyes of the gods. Divining, soothsaying, and fortune telling are all terms used in English to describe these people.

These people are experts in all areas of spirituality, and they can answer any questions you might have. To find a permanent solution to an issue, they consult the spirit of the ancestor.

Occasionally, due to their limited ability to solve difficulties, they may refer you to a higher power or act on your behalf, but the ultimate goal is to get the problem solved.

Some persons can control rain and winds, known as rain doctors. It is possible to force the wind to blow, for it to rain, and for it to stop raining with their help.

People are divinely selected by the spirit to serve them in each of these fields, as mentioned earlier, and one can also acquire this knowledge by staying near to a dibia or serving as an apprentice to a dibia.

In contrast to what western religion, education, media, and a few bad apples have made it out to be, African spirituality is all about being good and always keeping pleasant vibrations.

Many Africans have treated mental health issues including all types of crazy, for centuries before western psychiatric treatment reached the continent.

For thousands of years, Africans have enjoyed wonderful health, natural remedies, and spirituality. Everything has an antidote, every illness has a cure, and every issue has a solution.