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Sunday Adeyemo, famously known as Sunday Igboho, a popular agitator for the Yoruba Nation, faces up to 21 years in prison over the fake Beninese passport he presented before his failed trip.

On Monday, his wife was also arrested at Cotonou’s Cadj√®houn Airport, authorities said but has been released as her documents were legitimate.

An immigration official in Benin reported that the secessionist had presented a forged travel document to him.

Nigeria Immigration Service NIS announced on July 9 that Igboho had been placed on a stop-list Nigerian Intelligence Service (NIS) notified other security Agencies that Mr. Igboho wanted to get a new Nigerian passport as part of his plans to flee to Germany.

Igboho, it was gathered, arranged for an unofficial Beninese passport as the authorities began to uncover his plan. When security agents stopped Igboho and Ropo on their way to Germany they uncovered who he really was.

The situation for the agitator does not look good, Benin is a small country but it has strict laws

Mr. Tolulase, Benin lawmaker

His lawyers are fighting against his extradition to Nigeria, where he could be charged with treason.