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Oregon Governor Says Climate Change Is Fueling Wildfires

Gov. Kate Brown of Oregon told residents that the devastating wildfires burning across the state are the result of a “climate crisis,” which has also led to more heat waves and drought conditions across the Western United States.

It’s mid-July and already nearly 450,000 acres have burned across the state. We currently have nine large fires burning in Oregon, including the country’s largest, with the Bootleg fire. Right now, this is the fourth-largest fire to burn in Oregon since 1900. And the weather conditions, windy and dry with lightning, are truly problematic. It’s shaping up to be another difficult wildfire season. And unfortunately, we’re responding to new fires as we’re still recovering from last year’s devastating fire season. After last year, what is very clear is that no corner of our state is immune to fire. On the West Coast and here in Oregon, the urgent and dangerous climate crisis has exacerbated conditions on the ground. We’re seeing extensive drought conditions across the state, with 19 counties in drought emergencies, unprecedented heat waves, and fire seasons that are arriving earlier, coming on faster and lasting for longer.

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