Americans now look forward to a summer of travel, reuniting with friends and family, and reopening the nation’s economy. Elsewhere, the pandemic rages on, and vaccines are scarce. How can we best manage this divergent reality?

Our government’s foremost goal must be to keep Americans safe as we return to life as normal. Vaccination rates, despite a recent dip, are encouraging, as are job numbers.  But it is not time to let down our guard. To avoid confusion and missteps, now is the time to design the measures we need to keep America safe, even as the embers of the pandemic burn brightly in other countries. 

The pandemic persists, but travel resumes

Unfortunately, both Americans planning to travel overseas and foreigners hoping to visit the U.S. now confront a bewildering confusion of scattershot requirements — pre-flight testing, arrival testing, vaccine certificates, and requirements for quarantine stretching for periods as long as two weeks. Washington, D.C. and European capitals struggle to put in place reciprocal arrangements for travel, despite progress both sides have made in controlling the pandemic.

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