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Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene tore into Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in a speech Saturday, calling the progressive Democrat a “communist” and criticizing the Green New Deal.

“She’s not an American. She really doesn’t embrace our American ways,” Greene said about Ocasio-Cortez, who was born in the Bronx, according to Fox News. 

“You want to know why? She has something called the ‘Green New Deal,’” the Georgia Republican said about Ocasio-Cortez’s climate plan.

Greene, speaking before former President Donald Trump in Wellington, Ohio, said the deal is being pushed by “the little communist from New York City.”

Ocasio-Cortez responded to the “little” dig on Twitter, saying, “First of all, I’m taller than her.”

AOC and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene have had a history of disagreements with each other.
AOC and Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene have had a history of disagreements with each other.

Greene is 5-3 and Ocasio-Cortez is 5-6.

The New York Democrat on Saturday also posted on Twitter to mark her surprising victory over Rep. Joe Crowley in the 2018 Democratic primary election.

“Three years ago today. Not a day goes by where I’m not forever, deeply grateful to our community and movement of everyday people whose contributions, effort, and support sends me to Congress,” she said. “Thank you for taking a chance on me, NY-14. Every day is for you.”

The two lawmakers have crossed paths before. 

In April, Greene posted a photo of the two on the House floor, adding “I’m glad I ran into you today @AOC to plan our debate about the Green New Deal.”

“After I finish reading all 14 pages, like we agreed, I’ll schedule time for our debate,” Greene wrote on Twitter.

And in May, Greene followed Ocasio-Cortez down a House corridor, calling out to her, “Hey, Alexandria,” claiming that she supported “terrorists.”

Ocasio-Cortez reacted by throwing her hands into the air in frustration.

Speaking to reporters days after the encounter, Ocasio-Cortez invoked her previous job as a bartender.

“I used to work as a bartender,” she said: “These are the kinds of people that I threw out of bars all the time.”

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