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That’s a lot of marijuana: cops in Georgia arrested four people who tried to carry off 174 pounds of marijuana stuffed into suitcases at an airport in Atlanta.

Drug-sniffing dogs zeroed in on the suspicious suitcases following a flight from Seattle which landed at the Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, according to reports.

Transporting marijuana over states lines is still illegal in most instances, even as individual states rapidly decriminalize and legalize weed.

All four suspects claimed someone else had packed the bags, or that they were picking up the suitcase for someone else, said Sgt. John Chafee of the Atlanta police.

Nicole Golden, 47, of Columbia, S.C., was found with 22 pounds of pot and was charged with trafficking marijuana, police said.

Naly Tong, 29, and Keomanyvanh Tong, 33, allegedly had a total of 89 pounds of pot between the two of them. Each is accused of retrieving one suitcase from baggage claim. Pot was also found in other bags they had with them, police said.

Jarvis Sheppard, 32, was nabbed after retrieving two bags from baggage claim, police said, found in possession of 63 pounds of marijuana and charged with trafficking the drug, Chafee said.

A total of seven suitcases were confiscated.

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