Paulina Arreola Perez, the voluptuous and attention hungry ex-girlfriend of an assassinated Mexican cartel leader got more attention than she bargained for when she was shot to death after flaunting her luxurious lifestyle on Instagram, The Sun reports.

She was reportedly duped by a fake shoe salesman, who shot the cartel boss’s ex, Paulina Arreaola Perez, to death on June 9 in Mexico City.

In the wake of the cartel boss’s own slaying, assassins duped Paulina Arreola into meeting up with a bogus client who wanted to purchase her shoes. 

Next thing the young Instagram devotee knew, she was assassinated by gunmen on passing motorcycles.

The glamorous ex-girlfriend of an assassinated cartel boss who flaunted her wealth on Instagram has been shot dead after being duped by a fake shoe salesman.

CARTEL WAG: Glam girlfriend of cartel boss assassinated by fake shoe salesman after she flaunted her wealth on Insta

Also killed in the assassination of the cartel boss’s ex, LAD Bible reports, was Paulina Arreola Perez’s friend, Eduardo Arturo Trejo. 

The assassins meant business: They riddled Paulina Arreola Perez’s body with nine gunshot wounds, successfully killing the cartel boss’s ex.

As for Trejo, he was struck by two bullets.

The two had been sitting in Perez’ Honda pickup truck awaiting the supposed shoe vendor.

Paulina Arreola Perez, 26, was shot by armed men on motorbikes in the borough of Benito Juarez, Mexico City, on the night of 9 June.

Girlfriend Of Cartel Boss Assassinated By Fake Shoe Dealer

Paramedics rushed to the scene, but any efforts to save the two shooting victims were in vain.

Both Paulina Arreeola Perez and the friend of the cartel boss’ ex were pronounced dead in the hospital.

In theory, the assassins targeted Paulina Arreola Perez due to her ties to the cartel La Union Tepito and her former relationship with one of the operation’s bosses, “El Alexis” Martinez.

The Daily Star reports that after Martinez himself was violently slain, Perez has ran an online shoe selling business.

Since Martinez’s death, Perez had been running an online shoe-selling business, and police believe she may have been lured to her death by an assassin posing as a prospective customer.

Glamorous girlfriend of cartel boss assassinated after being lured to fake shoe sale

Martinez’s mistresses have a poor track record of surviving their connection to him.

In 2018, his previous girlfriend, Karina Itzel Morales, vanished under mysterious circumstances.

Her family attempted to search for her, but their efforts were squelched by members of the same cartel that would in theory give rise to Paulina Arreola Perez’s death. 

Borderland Beat reports that Mexican authorities have been reluctant to even investigate Paulina Arreola Perez’s death — apparently because of fears of the cartel’s influence.

Whoever contracted Paulina, actually tricked the broad in order to kill her. When she came to deliver those shoes, she was shot at along with her companion.

Benito Juárez, CDMX: Paulina Arreola from La Unión Shot to Death

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