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The steaks are too high!

About two-thirds of US shoppers say the prices of red meat and chicken have soared since the start of the year, according to a new poll.

Meat lovers have been hit hardest by rising food costs out of the 2,000 grocery shoppers surveyed between May 17 and May 19, Bloomberg reported.

The poll, which was conducted by Morning Consult, found that around 65 percent said that red meat is more expensive now, while about 59 percent said that chicken has become pricier.

Meanwhile, more than half of the shoppers said that fruit, toilet paper, milk and prepared foods also cost more.

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Overall, consumers believe prices for many products have risen.
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And one-third of shoppers said that their grocery bills have gone up since the beginning of the year, according to the survey.

The poll found that about a quarter of shoppers have begun buying fewer items, including meat, in order to cut back on their bills.

The rising prices come as soaring commodity costs, more expensive transportation and challenges securing labor have contributed to food inflation, Bloomberg reported.

“We’ve got these pockets of inflation without having corresponding wage growth, and that’s going to put consumers in a really tough spot,” Morning Consult economist John Leer told the outlet.

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Sixty-five percent of shoppers responded that higher meat prices have really hit their wallets.
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