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To the Editor:

Re “A Vaccine Lottery Can Work,” by Mike DeWine (Opinion guest essay, May 27):

I am a Democrat and an Ohio resident, and I scrambled in February to get vaccinated. I am very proud of how our Republican governor has led the fight against Covid in Ohio to protect our lives.

Despite opposition from elected officials in his own party, Governor DeWine put common sense and recommendations of knowledgeable scientists ahead of his political career. Because of our governor’s tough stance on continuing social restrictions, Ohio’s legislative bodies retaliated by diminishing his emergency powers.

All I can say is: “Governor DeWine, thank you for sticking to your convictions, thank you for keeping your priorities straight!”

Monique H. Posner
Shaker Heights, Ohio

To the Editor:

Re “Ohio Picks First Winner of Vax-a-Million Lottery to Encourage More Shots” (news article, May 27):

I find it more than reasonable, in fact a medical and moral necessity, to make an all-out effort to reach herd immunity with respect to the Covid virus. But I — and I’m sure many others like me who got vaccinated as soon as the vaccine was available — find it a bit galling that tax money is now being used to bribe people to get a vaccination that could save their lives.

I can’t help but wonder how this approach will affect a new threat or a new wave of a variation of the existing virus. Will people hold off on getting vaccinated until they have the possibility of getting paid for it?

Paul Tartaglia
Saco, Maine

To the Editor:

Re “Endurance Sport Looks Inward After Tragedy” (news article, May 26): The tragedy of 21 ultramarathoners’ deaths in a race in China is a brutal lesson in personal preparedness and event-organizer responsibility.

Racers should be prepared for the forces of nature, and race organizers should, at the very least, respect weather forecasts. Extreme weather didn’t kill these marathoners. Disrespect for the mountains and a sense of denial and delusion that this could ever happen to them did.

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