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The Accident Investigation Bureau, AIB, has advised the military to employ the services of experts both in Nigeria and other developed countries to tackle the issue of air crash incidents in the security agency should the need arises.

The Bureau was reacting to some human rights groups who called on President Muhammadu Buhari to seek the services of independent air accident investigators to find lasting solutions to the recurrences of Air crashes in the military.

One of the groups, A pro-democracy and human rights, Concerned Nigeria, had made the call to the President to employ external experts to investigate the death of the Chief of Army Staff, Lt-Gen Ibrahim Attahiru, and 10 others in an air crash while on an official trip to Kaduna State.

Speaking to reporters, the Bureau’s spokesperson, Tunji Oketumbi, said the Bureau is again ready to work with the military in handling the investigation should it be called upon by the armed forces to join in the findings.

Oketumbi said the Bureau had worked with the military in the past during the plane crash which killed the late Governor of Kaduna State, Patrick Yakowa, former National Security Adviser, Andrew Azazi, and four other persons shortly after take-off in the forest of Okoroba, Nembe Local Government Area of Bayelsa State.