A year after the University of Southern California’s president stepped down in the wake of a campus sex abuse scandal, C.L. Max Nikias still received almost three times his base pay.

Nikias resigned in 2018 after sexual assault allegations surfaced against a longtime campus gynecologist, who was later charged with 35 counts of sexual assault and battery against female students. That year, Nikias earned $7.7 million a payout that made him the highest-paid university president in the country, according to the Chronicle of Higher Education.

The following year, according to the university’s just-released tax filings, Nikias received another $5.2 million in compensation — more than any other university employee. His base pay was $1.4 million. He also received $1.5 million in “bonus and incentive” pay, plus another $1.9 million in “other reportable compensation,” including lodging costs for his use of the university’s presidential home through April 2019. The remaining compensation was largely from a retirement plan and other deferred compensation.

In contrast, the university reported that its current president, Carol Folt, earned just $1.3 million.

The tax filing also showed Nikias had a $3 million housing loan from the university, of which he still owed $2.5 million. Nikias bought a Manhattan Beach home from sports media personality Colin Cowherd for $4.1 million in the fall of 2018, according to the Los Angeles Times.