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A California “Karen.”

An Instagram influencer who accused a Latino couple of attempting to kidnap her children in December was arrested for lying about the incident.

Katie Sorensen of Sonoma, California is charged with giving false information to police, according to the Petaluma Argus-Courier.

Sorensen recounted the made-up incident on two Instagram videos that were viewed nearly five million times. She has since made her account private.

The mother claimed Sadie and Eddie Martinez tried to kidnap her children at a craft store, in what is now widely viewed as a case of racial profiling, the newspaper said.

In the days after the accusation, Petaluma police cleared the couple of wrongdoing and said Sorensen’s complaint was false.

The couple — who were reportedly at the store shopping for a decorative baby Jesus — spoke to the outlet after the charges were announced Thursday.

“We’re very happy with the news,” Sadie reportedly said.

“It gives everyone a little bit of help. Things like this do happen, and we wondered for a while if she would ever face charges.”

Sorensen is the latest white woman to be publicly shamed for falsely accusing a minority of a crime.

Amy Cooper, also known as “Central Park Karen,” was notorious for calling the NYPD on a black man who was watching birds last May. Cooper was fired and charged with a misdemeanor that was later dismissed after she completed therapy sessions.

Amy Cooper or
Amy Cooper or “Central Park Karen” gained notoriety when she called the cops on a black man who was watching birds.

Miya Ponsetto was dubbed “Soho Karen” after she falsely accused a black teenager of swiping her cellphone, and attacked him in an upscale hotel. She had left the phone in a cab. Ponsetto now faces criminal charges in connection with the December case.