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Christina Sosbe, a former teacher in Salem, Ohio, has been arrested and charged with having sex with her students, WKBN 27 reports.

Law enforcement caught up with Christina Sosbe, 29, in Lincoln County, North Carolina, after the teacher now accused of sex abuse moved from Ohio to the Southern state.

Ultimately, Christina Sosbe turned herself in to authorities in Lincoln County after the teacher was indicted for sexually molesting students.

The disgraced teacher is looking at felony charges.

Christina Sosbe turned herself in after being indicted with three counts of sexual battery.

Former Youngstown-area teacher faces felony charges, accused of having sex with 2 students

Christina Sosbe was saddled with a $25,000 bond after the teacher turned herself in for allegedly sexually abusing students, the Tribune Chronicle reports.

The accusations center around an alleged sex romp that occured at a hotel in Trumbull County, Ohio.

The charging documents allege that Christina Sosbe egregiously violated her position as a teacher when she sexually assaulted at least two 16-year-old students at the hotel.

The alleged incident took place in 2018.

She pleaded not guilty to the charges before Judge Peter J. Kontos, who set a pretrial hearing for June 7.

Ex-teacher accused of sex with students

A North Carolina judge let Christina Sosbe go free after the allegedly sexually abusive teacher posted bond.

Sosbe enrolled in Lincoln County’s pretrial release program.

This allows defendants out on bail as they await trial and subjects them to random drug tests.

If found guilty of sexually abusing young people when she was their teacher, Christina Sosbe could be put away for a maximum of 54 months, WFMJ reports.

A 29-year-old former teacher from the Valley was arrested in North Carolina after being secretly indicted for allegedly taking two of her teenage students to Trumbull County hotels to have sex.

Investigators say teacher took students to Warren hotel

Christina Sosbe was a teacher at Choffin Career and Technical Center in Youngstown when she allegedly sexually abused the teenage boys.

The school did not directly employ Christina Sosbe. Rather, the allegedly sexually abusive teacher worked for an organization called Pace headquartered in Choffin, Ohio.

Her teaching license was permanently revoked last year.

WYTV reports that Sosbe’s next court date is slated for sometime in June.

Sosbe lived in Salem but has moved to North Carolina.

Former Youngstown-area teacher faces felony charges, accused of having sex with 2 students