They say age is nothing but a number and truth is, age does not apply when it comes to matters of the heart! So far Harmonize has proven this by dating Wolper who is allegedly 10 years older than him; and for his latest catch, Kajala – also seems quite older as she already has an 18 year old.

However this does not bother nor stress Harmonize who continues to publicize his love for the Bongo actress, Kajala. After being spotted together – the two have been trying to keep their relationship on the low until just recently.

With actresses like Aunty Ezekiel who is  Well, not any more!

Harmonize confesses his love to actress

As seen on a screenshot taken from Harmonize’s WhatsApp story, we now believe the rumors are true.

Yes, Harmonize left his Caucasian wife to be with the Bongo actress who appears to be his type. Looking Wolper and Kajala there is no much difference in terms of body size and of course – age!

But since Harmonize has his own money – we can’t really say he is chasing the elderly lady for money purposes. Then, it must be love driving him crazy as he recently shared the post below, confessing his love for the lady.