Beginning of the end? Singer Harmonize snubbed by fans while strolling at popular mall (Video)

Harmonize might have made the biggest mistake of his life after walking out of Wasafi records where he was doing quite well. However about 2 years ago the singer handed in his resignation as he opted out of the WCB team.

According to the singer, he now wanted to make music; and money on his own after years of being underpaid by former bestfriend and boss, Diamond Platnumz. Of course with the number of fans supporting him, Harmonize for a minute assumed his new journey would pick up where he left off after leaving WCB.

However this did not happen. His WCB fans refused to relocate to the Konde gang team; as most couldn’t believe how arrogant and ungrateful he turned out to be after Diamond Platnumz helped him come up.

Snubbed at popular mall

Since his exit, it appears that Harmonize has since lost his popularity when it comes to his Tanzanian fans. This has been proven by a video making rounds on social media where the singer is seen strolling freely at the mall; but fans don’t seem starstruck or excited like they used to back in the day.

The person recording the video is also heard trolling Harmonize for losing his fame; and the fact that no one cared about him at the mall proves that this could be the beginning of the end for harmonize.

Introduces daughter

Well, I guess this is why the Konde gang CEO recently introduced his baby girl after 16 months after she was born. harmonize’s mzungu wife on the other hand went on to reveal that he couldn’t bare children – meaning he bought the baby and baby mama.

Anyway, as for now all we know is that things are not looking up for the singer; but hopefully 2021 won’t kick him as hard as 2020 did.