The irate state of the protests has made Wizkid delay his album by a week. But for how long?

Wizkid’s Made In Lagos was scheduled to drop on the 15th. As a patriotic Nigerian that he is, the Starboy had to postpone, since all attention was on EndSARS.

Truth to be told, if Wizkid had released Made In Lagos, it wouldn’t receive the full attention of listeners since most are at the protest grounds. We are agitating for a cause, isn’t it? Who would have time to listen?

That said, the new date is this coming week. 25th of October which is exactly 7 days from now. And with the government asking for time to implement our demands of #EndSARS, it doesn’t look any likely that the protests might end this week.

Which brings forward a crucial decision: Will Wizkid Postpone Again?

Davido isn’t spared in this too. His follow up project (A Better Time) to last year’s A Good Time has been slated for release on the 30th of October. More than a week from now.

Seeing artists delay their songs and projects to align with the EndSARS cause, Davido might also take the same route. By postponing.

This is however a costly decision regardless. Especially with the momentum Wizkid’s rollout was generating. A week to the album, he had dropped the artwork, divulged the concept behind it, put out the video for Smile and also had interviews planned ahead. A further delay will clog that momentum.

Mind you, majority of Wizkid and Davido’s streams come from other countries especially the UK and US. Yeah, we’re the home base, but those countries stream their content the most. So fans in those countries who would have been anticipating their projects would obviously be disappointed.

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If You Are To Advise Wizkid And Davido,

Should They Drop Their Albums Now Or Postpone Till EndSARS Is Over?

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