• Dagoretti North Member of Parliament Simba Arati has rubbished Deputy President William Ruto’s claims of intimidation and death threats terming as ‘crocodile tears.’

    Responding to a tweet that had been put up by the Deputy President on his handle, Arati insisted that no one was after William Ruto’s life. He stated that no one wanted to kill him or bar him from contesting for any office.

    “Don’t try to she crocodile tears Mungwana( Gentleman),” stated the outspoken Member of Parliament. 

    Dagoretti North Member Of Parliameny Simba Arati sharing alight moment with friends during a past event.
    Dagoretti North Member Of Parliament Simba Arati sharing alight moment with friends during a past event on April 2018

    The legislator went on to state that the recent events that have been going on in the deputy president’s office were unwarranted for and that called for thorough investigations.

    He added that no one was intending to harm him and that issuing threats to the directorate of criminal investigations was blackmail of the highest order. 

    “Nobody will condone such nonsense that is going own in your office. Don’t try to blackmail the office of the DCI to think that they will be scared of your threats,” he added.

    The ODM legislator called on the Deputy President William Ruto to meet the DCI and record his statement on Kenei’s murder.

    “You should have a day with the DCI,” he explained. 

    Speaking in a separate event on March 8, the Member of Parliament reiterated that the Deputy President was the one out to kill himself and that no one wanted him dead. 

    “Ruto keeps saying that someone will kill him. No one will. He just wants to commit suicide so that he can bring problems,” he stated.

    He added that it was vital for the Deputy President to stay alive and witness himself to become an opposition leader.

    “We will not allow you to kill yourself. We pray that you may live to see 2022 so that you may lose in that election and officially become the opposition leader,” Arati concluded. 

    DP Ruto has been under criticism following the mega military scam that involved former cabinet secretary Rashid Echesa and the subsequent death of Sergent Kipyegon Kenei.