Boss lady, Zari Hassan’s youngest son Nillan is currently receiving treatment at an unknown hospital in South Africa.

Diamond baby boy, Nillan turns 3
The lady revealed this through a post shared on her Snapchat where she said her son was down with a bad fever! For those with kids below the age of 5 years may understand the struggle and long sleepless nights that come with fever.

Just like any other mother, Zari ensured to get some medical care for her son; as she hopes he will soon be back on his feet!

Absent father
Diamond Platnumz who is Nillan’s biological father has however been said to be absent in his children’s lives!

Zari splashes a chunk in hosting Prince Nillan´s exclusive all-white birthday party
A while back Zari exposed him for not supporting or even visiting his children. Diamond Platnumz hostile behavior towards his children came after Zari publicly called off their relationship.

Anyway, will he visit or reach out? Who knows!