Wema Sepetu has definitely lost her old body! She is now slim or rather petite like she had always been hoping for; but fans can’t help but worry about the Tanzanian sweetheart.

Wema Sepetu´s massive weight loss, worries masses
Looking at the photos shared on her Instagram, one would think that Wema Sepetu either underwent surgery to cut off weight or is battling with a deadly disease.

The new photos taken during her late brothers funeral are a clear indication that all is not well with Wema Sepetu. Wema may appear looking all flow less with her edited photos while the raw ones show fans the real her.

Wema Sepetu battling anorexia?
One of her fans went on to point out that Wema’s hands now look like skeleton not forgetting to ask the madam whether all was well.

In response, Sepetu have out a rather surprising answer that shocked many. She went on to tell the fan that she was infected with HIV/AIDS as an explanation as to why and how she has managed to cut off all the unwanted fat.

Wema’s response
Well it may sound like a joke to many, but truthfully Wema Sepetu’s current look now turning out to be a nightmare!