Jobs in Tanzania 2020: New Jobs Vacancies at Yara International Tanzania2020AJIRA TANZANIA 2020 / NAFASI ZA KAZI 2020Position: Human Resource/Office Administrator (1 Position)Responsibilities:School Administrator is responsible for smooth functioning of all issues related to school communications, vehicles and logistics coordination, information technology and human resources administration within the institution.

Responsibility 1: Human Resources AdministrationEnsures all staff are hired and managed as per the laws of the country: policies of the SEGA company: and for best results. Supports SEGA leadership to develop a happy, committed, productive teamPro-actively works with each Supervisor to manage his/her supervisees, and ensuring documentation in writing: Supports each Supervisor to conduct bi­annual performance reviews of his/her supervisees, following SEGA procedures; and is present during the review; supports Supervisors to develop and modify job descriptions appropriatelyStrengthens capacity of staff and supervisors to manage performance Ensures that each staff person is provided timely notice of expiration of contract, and provided with option to renew, or notice of non-renewal as appropriate; Develops payroll each monthOrganizes hiring committees and manages hiring process for any new staff, includingadvertising, receiving, downloading, printing, and distributing CVs/applications to committee members; organizing interviews; checking references;Implements exit interviews for any departing staff Supervise cleaners, secretary and drivers
Responsibility 2: Staff Capacity BuildingOrganizes comprehensive orientation and on-boarding for any incoming staff or volunteer, identifying a lead colleague, and specific sessions on HR/Admin policies; job content; functions of different departments; security, etc.Updates Volunteer Orientation manual and provides to all incoming VolunteersWorks with Child Protection Officer, Head of School, and Operations Director, and seeking input of staff, to develop staff capacity building priorities each year, and to develop a plan for training and capacity buildingResponsibility 3: Communications and Information Management: Provides strong support to SEGA Leadership to perform their representation, monitoring, evaluation and reporting functions in a professional manner. This is accomplished through producing and supporting production of documents, presentations etc. and assisting with data retrieval and management as needed.

Specifically:Prepares, or builds capacity of relevant staff to prepare special documents for external communications, presentations etc. as requested by Head of School or SEGA DirectorTrains staff in how to perform their own written communications wherever possible, ie in how to use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) and related office software;Ensures all SEGA program staff have the administrative support they need, balancing with resources availableBecomes familiar with all functions of the database and assists department heads to access and input data as neededHelps supervisors ensure that staff enter data in a quality, complete way, calling attention to on-going issues to staff and their Supervisors as neededResponsible for supporting SEGA Leadership to produce the Annual Report Card and other key documents each year, by helping to coordinate all responsible members to fill in their required data.

Responsibility 4: Filing, Documentation, Legal ProceduresRepresents SEGA following up official required documents such as exam registration, work permits acquisition, etc.Updates the Policies and Procedures Manual annually, inputting necessary changes as directed by and after agreeing with SEGA LeadershipProduces and maintains copies of all staff contracts, ensuring complete paperwork in each person’s file (signed contract, job description, spreadsheet showing pay, signed policies document)Ensures documentation of any/all performance management related issues, in staff filesEnsures all staff have signed Child Protection Policy and other PoliciesUpdates organizational chart each year as necessaryUpdates all staff contacts each year and distributesRepresents SEGA in all legal issues.

Responsibility 5. Internal Communications and Transportation Supports SEGA Leadership to create and maintain strong internal communications, ensuring smooth coordination amongst all departments
Coordinates updating of School Notice, Board, Suggestion Box, as directed by Head of School;
Works with SEGA Leadership to develop strong internal communications procedures to keep staff updated, and ensure coordination across staff for multiple programs happening at the school (What’s App, Notice boards, email, daily meetings, etc. ensuring both foreigners and Tanzanian staff are included or alerted to any given issues)
Maintains a roster or system for vehicles coordination, using the scarce resources in most efficient manner

Academic Requirements:
Bachelor’s Degree in HR Management, Business Administration, Communications, or related field plus at least 2 years experience.

Position: ICT Teacher (1 Position)

  • Plan lessons in line with National Curriculum syllabus documents and in accordance with the school policy
  • Present lessons in a comprehensive manner and use visual/audio/interactive methods to inspire students to learn
  • Provide individualized instruction to each student by promoting self-directed learning
  • Assess and record students’ progress, and provide grades and feedback Observe and understand students’ behavior and psychological health, and report suspicions of neglect, abuse etc.
  • Maintain a tidy and orderly classroom
  • Collaborate with other teachers, parents and stakeholders, and participate in regular meetings
  • Plan and execute educational seminars to boost basic computer knowledge for staff, graduates and students in after-school club
  • Enrich professional skills by keeping up to date with developments in the subject area, with new resources, technologies, teaching methodologies and national objectives
  • Other priority assignments that arise from supervisors
  • IT Staff Responsibilities

Assist the IT Coordinator to prioritize and resolve daily support needs. These include, but are not limited to, troubleshooting the network, installing software, preparing information reports, assisting staff with basic computer usage questions, troubleshooting and repair computer hardware failures.

Academic Requirements:
Bachelor degree in ICT teaching with a certificate in Education from a recognized university/college: Bachelor of Computer Science or Relevant Qualifications
Practical skills in curriculum interpretation and innovative implementation
Strong verbal and written communication skills in English
Practical knowledge of one or more programming technologies
Thorough knowledge of teaching best practices and legal educational guidelines partnered with a willingness to follow the school’s policies and procedures
Women are encouraged to apply

Position: CASHIER (1 Position)

  • Issuing Receipts
  • Preparing Payment Vouchers
  • Keeping good records in the Cashier Office
  • Making payments
  • And Other duties assigned by supervisor

Academic Requirements:
Diploma or Bachelor’s Degree in Accounts and Finance or related field plus at least 1 year experience.

Application Requirement:
Only CV and Application Letter to be sent to:
Deadline: 14th February, 2020

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