Baby fat is not easy to shade off and most mum’s know this! Well turns out that Tanasha Donna is also struggling with some baby fat but hasn’t yet accepted this!

After posting several photos showing off her ‘skinny self’ only to realize that she has been photoshopping her photos to lose the baby fat.

This has however landed her into trouble with her fans who think that she should at least be real now that she is a mother and an inspiration to young expectant mother-to-be.

Tanasha Donna
Baby fat is normal!
Looking at the photoshopped photo it’s evident to see the disfigured curtains and her arm which appears in an natural shape confirming that the photo was indeed edited.

Not quite sure why the lady is such in a hurry to get back her old body when it has only been 3 months since she welcomed her baby boy, Naseeb.

Anyway check out the comments below.