Diamond never seems to spend any valuable time on his throne because he is a busy man, making money to provide for his diverse lineage.

So now, he is busy touring the bongo land for his Wasafi Festival 2019 scheduled performances.

Meanwhile, the new mom in town, Tanasha Donna is being kept busy by her little one, baby Simba.

But looks like she still has in mind the words an already-experienced Zari Hassan told her a while back.
Diamond’s baby mama, Zari Hassan (left) and his Kenyan girlfriend, Tanasha Donna (right)

According to Zari, Diamond is Simba and nothing can change that, let alone no one.

However, Tanasha set her demands too but the one thing that makes her unique unlike Chibu’s other women is:

There are ladies who can’t cheat or ask for money but their stubbornness will frustrate your life.

A post she shared on her Insta stories, lightly captioning:

This is sooo me.