A heavily expectant Tanasha can no longer wait to grace the delivery room. The Kenyan radio presenter is in her final trimester and not so far away from delivery.

In July, she was 7 months heavy, so probably in September, she will be the newest mum in town.

This will be her first child with Diamond Platnumz who meanwhile will be welcoming his fourth kid on the block.

With the 3rd trimester comes fatigue, increased weight from both the mum and the fetus as well as worry but so is elation ahead of the newborn’s birth.

One where the fetus has assumed full development and the uterus gets closer to the abdomen therefore putting pressure on the bladder. Probably why Tanasha’s body is sending such annoying signals.

Up on her Insta stories, she reveals how she has to keep frequenting the ladies just to take care of her consistent urge to free her bladder.

However, in as much as it annoys her, so does she love it.