Diamond Platnumz´ mother, Sandra defends her son against claims that he is a drug abuser.

The aging mum urges masses to stay away from the false rumors being circulated that Chibu does drugs occasionally.

She revealed this during a recent interview with ´Global Online TV´.

Mama Dangote believes her son can never take drugs let alone abuse them because he sure knows their side effects.

Furthermore, if she never spotted him doing drugs while staying in Madale, what would make him do it now anyway?

According to Sandra, people have been made to believe Diamond is hooked to drugs because he more often than not seems tired.

But that is just due to his many live performances that weigh him down.

You know Naseeb has performed a lot and when he gets on stage, he sings live unlike his competitors who use sound tracks.

His voice sounds bad and he is always tired because of the hard work he puts in, in his craft.

Diamond can never ever abuse drugs, he can never because he knows the negatives effects they come with.

If indeed he is a drug addict, then he should have started in Madale, but he did not do it there how can he do it now.

This comes barely days after Chibu´s manager, Babu Tale opened up about Simba´s back-to-back performances during an exclusive interview with Wasafi FM.

Babu Tale explained that the bongo star is suffering from accumulated fatigue and that is why it seems like he is on drugs, which is false.

The WCB manager revealed that Diamond works round the clock and does everything for himself, right from his dressing to the editing of his music videos.

And according to Babu Tale, this might end up having negative effects on his health and that is why he lightly expressed his proposition to get him a personal doctor.

About the drug abuse rumors, it was all Tanzanian blogger, Mange Kimambi´s thing, after sharing a clip of the artist looking off during an interview.

Therefore suggesting that Diamond was under the influence of something.