A while back it was revealed that Hamisa Mobetto and Wema Sepetu we’re not in good terms because they both had Diamond Platnumz around the same time.

Well, having shared a man left the two ladies not speaking to each other and for a long time never did we see them hang out even just for the camera.

However a few weeks ago Wema Sepetu stepped out wearing a T-shirt that resembled one Hamisa Mobetto had been the photographed wearing. From our standing, the  T-shirt is sold by Mobetto styles and this is where Sepetu got it from.

Wema Sepetu friendship with Hamisa Mobetto
Anyway speaking during a recent interview, Wema Sepetu did confirm that she has been in communication with Mobetto unlike what many believe. She said,

Mi Hamisa watu wasidhani mi Hamisa siongei naye mi Hamisa mdogo wangu siunaona tunaongea we are good. Niliona T-shirt kavaa na aliweka kwenye status update ya WhatsApp yake nikamwambie naitaka hii T-shirt…..akamkambia niketee ya white or black nikamwambia niletee zote kwa sababu nyingine nitampa dadangu so akaniletea nikavaa nikapiga picha nikamtumia akaposti…

Well, there you have it!