Diamond´s mother, Sandra reveals they showed the public their marriage certificate to prove they are legally married.

During an interview with Tanzanian media, she shared:

Tumeamua kuonesha vyeti vya ndoa kutokana na watu wengi mitandaoni walizidi maneno mara oooh mnazini mara huu hamjafunga ndoa

According to Mama Dangote, trolls from the public have been too much with many criticizing the new couple for not exchanging marriage vows before engaging in a relationship.

Further articulating that that is not the case because with legal proof of their marriage, nothing they have done is wrong.

"Ndomana tumewaonyesha kuwa sie ni wanandoa hatuchezeani"

Additionally expressing that for those that do not like her, it is fine because she still loves them and to her loyal fans, she loves them back.

The aging mother also revealed in an interview with Wasafi FM, that the most precious gift she can receive from her star of a son, Diamond, is marriage.

"Zawadi ambayo ningefurahi sana kupewa na Diamond ni ya kufunga ndoa

Her only desire is to see her successful son marry the woman of her dreams, most probably, Tanasha Donna with whom he has a child with.