Fun facts about Fashion

The interesting fact about fashion facts about fashion, What is fashion? Fashion is a popular style, especially in clothing fashion is about expressing your identity, showing someone who you, are through your fashion especially in clothing, accessories, makeup, lifestyle, makeup, footwear hairstyle, and body.

To day we talk about fashion facts her are lots of facts you didn’t know probably.

The interesting fact about fashion Top 10 ladies fashion facts

  • Women’s shoulder bags 1st appeared as part of service uniforms worn during world war tow.

  • Until 1960 it was not considered fashionable for U.S. women to wear pants in public.
  • In 4th century, women in the Western world wore trousers, which were considered unmanly at the time.

  • First “flesh-coloured” stockings for white women appeared more than 20 years earlier than those for brown- and black-skinned women
  • First shoes, the 1st shoes appeared 4300 years ago.
  • If you sat down really fast wearing a hoop skirt, the hoop could go up and break your nose.
  • Sandals were invented in warm climates, combining protection for the feet below, while keeping cool on the top.

  • In 1923, U.S. Attorney General announced it’s legal for women to wear pants.
  • Until 200 years ago, there was no difference between left and right shoes.
  • In early 1960s, paper disposable clothes were extremely fashionable.

  • Top 10 clothes fashion interestion facts

  • During ovulation, women dress more provocatively.

  • Provocatively dressed women are perceived as being less competent.

  • Patterned fabrics make the body appear larger.

Many Peoples actually think they are stronger when wearing a (Superman) T-shirt.
Women perform worse in solving algebra problems when wearing a swimsuit. Who wouldn’t?

Offenders receive a longer sentence in court if they wear black.
Many Peoples are more inclined to give money to somebody dressed in a similar way like them.

Vertical lines on clothes create a longer illusion.
Unsurprisingly, Cologne, Germany is the place where cologne was first produced.

Top 15 Interesting fact about fashion

Ida Rosenthal introduced the cup system (A, B, C, D).

Giorgio Armani is not an approved Haute Couture designer.

Suede is the French way of saying Sweden, where it was first made.

Corsets were first worn outside of clothing, like in the national costumes of Bavaria.

The tuxedo was first worn in Tuxedo, Orange County.

Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin wore spacesuits, produced by bra maker Playtex.
Jerseys are knitted shirts originating from the island of Jersey in the English Channel.

Bra-strap clasp was invented and patented by Mark Twain.

Heavenly Star Bra, by Victoria’s Secret, was valued over $12 million in 2001.
in fashion industry, Surprisingly, in fashion industry there are more men at the executive level than women.

Most selling colour in bras, White is the best-selling colour for bras.
It usually takes from 150 to 350 hours to make a single dress, which could cost up to $100,000.

Strapless bras were invented in 1938.

In the 1920s, women would press down their chests to achieve the then-popular flat-chest look.
“Haute couture” is French for “elegant sewing”.