Facts about Trumpet fish
Facts about Trumpet fish
The name trumpet fish refers to three species of fish with long, slender bodies and tubular snoutsThese fish are poor swimmers. They rely on camouflage to stop prey and hide from predatorsTrumpetfish prey on shrimp and small fish, like damselfish and squirrelfish. 

  • Trumpetfish only hunt during the daytime.
  • Sometimes they slowly approach prey vertically, getting close enough to make a quick dart to suck the animal into their snoutTheir mouth expands so large that they can swallow prey as big as themselves. Trumpet fish also use a method called shadow stalking to hunt prey.

  • The trumpet fish will hide behind grazing fish in order to get closer to their target.Trumpet fish can be found in the shallow waters of coral reefs and seagrass beds in areas such as the Indo-Pacific, the Caribbean, and Hawaii.

  • They average 20 inches (51 cm) in size. Their coloration varies from yellow to reddish brown or gray with pale bandsSpecialized cells called chromatophores allow them to change their coloration to blend in with other species of fish and coral.

Trumpetfish are solitary hunters, but they may group together to rest at night. They are threatened by habitat loss.