Facts about Stonefish
Facts about Stonefish
The stonefish is considered one of the world’s most venomous fish. They can be found resting in shallow rocky areas near reefs in the Indo-Pacific. These fish are extremely well camouflaged. They spend most of their time sitting motionless on the bottom of the seafloor.

  • They can use their fins to partially bury their body in sediment or they might just rest uncovered on the bottom of the seafloor. Even their fully exposed body can easily be mistaken for a rock or coral. Hunting usually takes place at night. Since stonefish are poor swimmers, they rely on prey like reef fish and bottom-dwelling invertebrates, to come to them.

  • A stonefish will ambush prey by sucking it into their large upturned mouth once the animal gets close enough. Stonefish are solitary creatures except during mating season. Females will lay a gelatinous egg mass and males will fertilize the eggs. Due to the stonefish’s camouflage, and tendency to inhabit very shallow waters, a person can easily step on one.

  • When disturbed, a stonefish will erect its 13 venomous spines are connected to two venom glands. A stonefish’s sting causes excruciating pain and swelling that can last for days their powerful venom is a neurotoxin that paralyzes the muscles and attacks the nervous system.

If you are stung by a stonefish, immerse the affected area in hot water and seek medical attention. 

Despite their venomous spines, these fish are still edible if prepared properly they are threatened by pollution and habitat loss.