Facts About Stingrays
common stingrays
Common stingrays spend the majority of their time inactive, partially buried in the sand. They inhabit the Eastern Atlantic and the MediterraneanSea. Like many of the over 200 species of stingrays worldwide,

  • They’re typically found in shallow, calm, coastal waters although they are not aggressive around humans. they do have a barbed and venomous tail spine that is harmful to humans if stung his is why it is recommended that you shuffle your feet when entering the water on beaches where stingrays are the common mouth, nostrils and gill slits of the common stingray are located on their underside. 

  • They feed mostly on crustaceans like crabs and shrimpFemales give birth to live young. They reproduce twice per year and produce four to nine live young per litter. Most of the time stingrays utilize their mouth and gills for gas exchange.

However, when they are buried in the sand waiting to ambush their prey, they rely on openings behind their eyes called
spiracles for breathing.