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The Blacklist season six wrapped up on Friday, May 17 in the US. The series will air on Sky One in the UK but sadly there has been no news of an air date yet. The Blacklist stars James Spader, as a former U.S. Navy officer turned criminal turned FBI informant. The show first aired in 2013 and season seven may be on the way.

Will there be another series of The Blacklist?

Yes, there will be another series of The Blacklist on NBC.

The Blacklist was renewed for a seventh season on Monday, March 11, 2019, two months after season six premiered.

The Blacklist has received positive reviews and high ratings since it first aired back in 2013, so it is not surprising that season seven was given the green light.

In a statement, NBC co-presidents of scripted drama Lisa Katz and Tracey Pakosta said: “Congratulations to our amazing producers, cast and crew, all of whom continue to work at the top of their game and make The Blacklist one of NBC’s signature series.”

An official release date for The Blacklist has not yet been confirmed but fans can expect a new season as early as next year.

Seasons one, two, four and five premiered in September while season three dropped in October and season six in January, so it is hard to predict when seasons even will arrive.


What will happen in The Blacklist season 7?

WARNING: This section contains spoilers from The Blacklist season 6 finale

The Blacklist season seven will pick up from the cliffhanger of season six.

In the final episode, the Task Force, led by Liz (played by Megan Boone) tried to stop a presidential assassination that the Commander-in-Chief had set up himself.

However, it was later discovered the real target was the First Lady (Regina Schneider), who knew a dark secret about her husband’s past.

Thankfully his wife survived and President Diaz (Benito Martinez) was arrested by the FBI.


Other crazy moments from The Blacklist season six finale included the death of Anna McMahon (Jennifer Ferrin), Red’s rival, who was killed by Dembe (Hisham Tawfiq).

Towards the end of season six, Dembe left Red to “follow his own path” but it looks like he will be back for the new series.

The biggest shock of the episode was when Red bumped into Katarina Rostov (Laila Robins).

What at first seemed like an emotional encounter, things between them turned violent.

Katarina stabbed Red with a syringe and his unconscious body was piled into a van.

As The Blacklist has been renewed for the seventh season, it would suggest that Red survives the attack.

However, exactly why Katarina stabbed Red and what this means for his future will be explored in the new series.


Speaking to Variety, showrunner John Eisendrath said: “He’s alive, but despite that, the end opens up an incredible number of possibilities. What is going through Katarina’s mind?

“How was Red so easily deceived? What did he think was going to happen when he showed up unguarded and met this woman on a dark street in Paris?

“How does a man who does nothing without taking incredible precautions leave himself open and vulnerable to being captured or attacked by a woman who he allegedly has known his own life — was her lover, had a child? Those are all great questions.”

Show creator Jon Bokenkamp also teased the possibility that the Katarina who stabbed him, may not be the real Katarina.

He also said that when The Blacklist does officially end, the real identity of Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington will be revealed.

If season seven is the last ever series, fans can expect more answers about who Red is.

The good news is, the entire main cast is returning for the new series.

The means James Spader will reprise his role as Raymond ‘Red’ Reddington.

Megan Boone will be back as Liz Keen alongside Diego Klattenhoff and Harry Lennix as Harold Cooper.

The Blacklist season 6 is coming to Sky One soon

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