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Fiona Bruce will host tonight’s edition of Question Time, joined by leading figures ahead of the European Elections this month. Among her guests are Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage, Work and Pensions secretary Amber Rudd, and Change UK MP Anna Soubry. The leading political figures will hash it out before the country goes to the polls on May 23 this year, to decide which party will represent the UK in the European Parliament. Mrs Bruce will present the programme for the BBC, one of several shows she currently hosts for the network.

How much does Fiona Bruce earn?

The BBC revealed how much Fiona Bruce earned with the network last year, with the release of the 2017-2018 high earners list.

The list was dominated by men but was Fiona among top-earning women in broadcasting.

Her total salary was £350,000 per year at the BBC.

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However, this number dropped substantially as Antiques Roadshow is run by BBC Studios, which doesn’t have the same transparency requirements as other BBC properties.

The corrected amount puts Fiona Bruce on a salary of £180,000-£189,999.

The BBC has not revealed Mrs Bruce’s full salary for Question Time alone, which will come with the next list of high earners this year.

Fiona replaced long-time Question Time host Jonathan Dimbleby in January this year, prompting controversy.

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Some people said Fiona was only given the role because she was a woman, something the host found hugely insulting.

Talking to the Irish Independent, she said: “I thought all the people on that shortlist were brilliant.

“I didn’t see any people not there, men or women, who should have been on it.

“Of course a man could have got that job.”

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“It’s hugely insulting to suggest that I would have got the job if a man had been better than I was.

“I don’t think it’s a question about balancing it the other way.

“I think it’s allowing people to have a fair crack.

“It’s about having equality of opportunity. That’s ultimately all it’s about.”

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