Cancer can be among the most stressful life events. The good news is that there is always help and ways to cope with the tension and feelings one goes through. Sometimes one might not know that he/she is under stress, so it is important to pay attention to the body and the cues it might be sending out. Tight muscles, aching neck, clenched teeth and irritability, stress really does show itself physically. Here are some ways you can lower stressful feelings as you move through cancer treatment. •Get in touch more often with loved ones The most common misstep we see is when cancer patients do not communicate their needs or their feelings to their loved ones. I advise cancer patients to be honest and open to their families and friends. Tell them what you need even if it is a wish for solitude and rest. The same goes for your doctors, nurses, social workers, and other healthcare providers. They have a deep and broad understanding of cancer treatments and are valuable sources of practical information and perspective. • Get yourself to rely on others Manier times, people want to remain strong and keep things as they were before the diagnosis. But, difficult as it may seem, this is a time for you to let people take care of you. Ask yourself: if your friend was the patient, wouldn’t you want to show your concern by helping in some way? So let people do things for you and take comfort in the fact that you are not alone. • Get spiritual help Many cancer patients find that revisiting their spiritual or religious beliefs and practices help them to cope with their disease. Revisiting your spirituality might mean reading inspiring stories or poetry, going to services, or simply enjoying and appreciating the being outdoors. • Engage yourself in mind-blowing activities Cancer treatment is serious, but you don’t have to give every moment of your day over to the disease. Some people find light exercises like a walk outside, helpful. Continue to take time out for interests such as cooking, wood working, gardening or even gaming. You may even consider to start a new hobby. These creative outlets helps to turn our thoughts elsewhere and to experience a sense of joy and accomplishements.