Upon hearing the news that Disney purchased 21st Century Fox on Dec. 14, many movie fans immediately began considering the implications for the Marvel cinematic universe - will X-Men and Deadpool finally be able to join the Avengers crew? But for '90s cartoon buffs, the merger holds a totally different significance. Anastasia, the 1997 Fox film frequently mistaken for a Disney princess movie, has now technically become a Disney property . . . two decades after its release.

This realization is a bittersweet one for fans of the animated princess film. On the one hand, we're excited at the potential for Anastasia to get the full Disney treatment; a live-action remake, face characters at Disney theme parks, and easily accessible merchandise are certainly pros. But for those of us who felt a sick satisfaction in correcting "fans" who'd mistakenly dub Grand Duchess Anastasia as a Disney princess, it means biting our tongues and swallowing our pride.

Check out some of the funniest reactions about this nostalgic cartoon revelation, then celebrate Anastasia's 20th anniversary with some little-known facts about the movie.