Sansa, why are you doing this to us?! After sharing last week that Game of Thrones will not return until 2019, Sophie Turner continues to tug at our heartstrings as she revealed a bit more information about the highly anticipated final season of the show and the tears that were shed. Turner recently sat down with Entertainment Weekly, where she talked about the emotional reading of the season eight finale script, and oh boy, this sounds like an appropriate time to wish we could be a fly on the wall!

"We had the read-through a while ago and at the end of it, we were all on our feet, applauding and crying," she said. "We had everyone there, everyone who's had any part in this. It was amazing."

She continued, "We closed the blinds and shut ourselves off from the rest of the world and had six hours in this room just reading it through and crying and laughing. We had our emotional bit and then we thought, 'Well now we've got eight months. We've still got a while to get through!'"

That gives us plenty of time to mentally prepare, while simultaneously filling our minds with all the theories about the last six episodes of the series! Will Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow find out they're related? Is Cersei actually pregnant? WHAT ABOUT THE WALL? Thankfully, each episode is at least 80 minutes long, which is enough time to answer all the raging cliffhangers we were left with after the season seven finale.

Turner's character faces "a new threat" in the final season, which she discussed in an interview with Variety. "It's a big challenge for her, without this master manipulator having her back. This season is more a passionate fight for her than a political, manipulative kind of fight." With Littlefinger dead, we're expecting to see a lot less manipulation than usual in Winterfell.

Through all the dagger killings and incestuous relationships, this group is one big family, and we cannot wait to see what the final season has in store.