We love our TV here at POPSUGAR Australia and we know you guys do, too. Year after year, reality TV and drama stories are some of our most read, most hotly-debated and most shared pieces of content - so it felt natural for us to finally dedicate an entire Facebook group to the topic.

The group is called Pass the Popcorn and it's where all the entertainment magic happens - and we are formally inviting you, our readers, to join! In partnership with Stan, it's where we'll be dissecting the very best bits of TV and streaming, and sharing points of view on what we loved, didn't love, and want some more of. You know how you text your friends when something *shocking* happens on your favourite TV show? That's the kind of talk we're looking for.

We'll be posting on Pass the Popcorn regularly, and it'll be everything from, "Do you think James will be the next Bachelor?" to interviews, insider info, major talking points, Facebook Lives and more. From you, we want to see what's got your attention! Care deeply about Younger or The Crown? Talk to us! Devo about a GoT death (again)? Let us cry together. Really passionate about UnReal and desperate for it to return? SAME. In love with Tim Riggins and need to express your feels? Let it be known! We're here for it all, and we don't judge.

We're all about supporting others and having smart conversations, so when you join us over there in the group, please keep things fun, civil and lighthearted. After all, it's all about entertainment! Remember to invite your friends to join, and please don't be shy with letting us know what you want to see more of. We're always down for different points of view and new topics, so let's get chatting!

Join Pass the Popcorn now!