With less than a week in US cinemas, I, Tonya - which hits lcoal cinemas on Jan. 25 - is already an award season force to be reckoned with. Coming off a smashing box office opening, the film has already received three Golden Globe nominations and five Critics' Choice nods. It's an exceptional film in many ways: it bends cinematic rules by breaking the fourth wall, it boasts an electrifying soundtrack and dazzling performances . . . and it gives a beguiling spin on the most contentious scandal in US figure-skating history.

The question in a situation like this, of course, is how much of I, Tonya can we really trust? Well, if you look back on the news coverage and other footage from the time, it's pretty clear how closely the film attempts to hew to reality. So, pushing aside the moments that might contain a dash of creative license, these scenes seem to really bring the story to life in a fantastic and realistic way.