Australian teen

Memes are everywhere, they can be funny, creative, very random and sometimes a bit mean. So if you end up being memefied, and you're not happy about it, can you sue? One Australian teenager is giving it a go.

A photograph of Ali Ziggi Mosslmani, known as "Ziggy", taken at his friend Paul Behman's 18th birthday party, went viral last year after being posted on Facebook by a hired photographer.

The reason? People couldn't get enough of his hair. The dancing teenager was sporting an impressive mullet - shaved on the sides and long at the back - a style more associated with the 70s and 80s than with millennials like Ziggy.

To date the photo has generated more than 10,000 reactions and 11,000 comments on 
Facebook. There have also been many memes.

But in a strange twist, far from laughing off his new found fame, Ziggy is now suing Sydney's Daily Telegraph, The Daily Mail and the Australian Radio Network for defamation, claiming that the widespread coverage of the memes portrayed him as "hideously ugly" and subjected him to ridicule.