The Courteeners

The Courteeners have revealed they’ll be doing ‘something special’ for the couple who bought 67 tickets to their upcoming Manchester show to host a wedding reception party – as well as speaking out on other wedding invites they’ve received from fans.
Liam Fray and co are set to headline a huge 50,000-capacity gig at Emirates Old Trafford Lancashire County Cricket Ground next May, supported by The Charlatans, Blossoms and Cabbage. To kick off their marriage with a bang, soon-to-be newly-weds Abby Clare and Pete Richards bought an impressive 67 tickets for them and their wedding guests.
Speaking to NME, Fray said that they were touched by the gesture and would have something memorable up their sleeves for the couple.

“We’re definitely gonna do something special, we’re not sure yet,” Fray told NME. “We’re definitely gonna do something privately for them, not draw attention to them in a middle of a cricket ground field or whatever – that might not be ideal at 8pm on a Bank Holiday weekend. I’m not sure if they’d appreciate that; 50,000 people staring at them – maybe they would, I don’t know. But we are gonna sort something. It’s such a great story.”

When asked about previous wedding requests that the band had received, Fray replied: “We’ve had bits and bobs. We had somebody that worked with us on a few things propose to his girlfriend the last time we played Brixton and that was quite cool.

“A lot of people have ‘Take Over The World’ and ‘Last of the Ladies’ played, sowe’re really popular for dances at weddings. I’ve had a lot of offers for playing weddings, like ridiculous – probably more than 100 offers to play at weddings. But it’s always stuff like free buffet. But I’m like ‘no, never, maybe one day’.”