David Lynch says cable television is "the new art-house"

David Lynch has said that he considers cable television to be "the new art-house."
The co-creator of Twin Peaks, Lynch will direct the revived third season, which is set to air in the first half of next year. The cable network Showtime will be the new home of Twin Peaks after the original series aired on ABC in the US during 1990-91.

Speaking in a new interview with Time Out, Lynch - who said that he "wasn't allowed" to discuss the new season - spoke about the importance of cable television to visionaries such as himself.

"The feature film and the form of the feature film is not so pleasing to people these days," Lynch mused. "A continuing story seems to be what is interesting for people nowadays. Cable television is the new art-house."

Elsewhere in the interview, Lynch discussed how Transcendental Meditation - a meditative technique that involves the use of a repeated mantra - could be used to combat violence in Chicago.

"If people are happy and blissful within, if they’re filled with universal love within, they don’t have any desire to hurt anyone or make violence," Lynch said. "They just enjoy life and enjoy all the diversity in life.

"Transcendental Meditation as taught by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi allows any human being to access that treasury within each of us, and utilize that treasury to enjoy a peaceful and blissful life," he continued. "We could all very easily enjoy peace on earth, heaven on earth, if these technologies are utilized everyday on a permanent basis. Mankind was not made to suffer. Bliss is our nature. The individual is cosmic."

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