Christina Aguilera has learned that the beauty of singing comes from its imperfections.

'Sia taught me so much' - Christina Aguilera

The 35-year-old singer has been in the industry since the age of 10 and is known for her incredibly powerful voice. She recently recorded a special for, giving singing hopefuls the chance to get some tips from the multi-talented performer.

But when it comes to who she turns to for inspiration herself, Christina cites Chandelier singer Sia among her idols.
"So many singers think it's about that huge note and I learned especially from people like Sia and Linda Perry that the beauty often comes in the tender moments and the slight imperfections," she told "It's about knowing when to use that vulnerable voice and then when to go for the huge note."
Christina is no stranger to the concept of mentoring, as she is also currently a coach on U.S. talent show The Voice. Imparting her knowledge onto others is something Christina thinks is incredibly important to do as a professional singer.
"I think in any profession when you have the chance to give back and help shape the career of someone just starting you should," she explained. "We all have had mentors in our lives, that one person who helped you turn a corner or make a breakthrough in your craft and we each should be that for others."
But coming up with which issues to focus on in her MasterClass was a tough one for Christina. After much thought, she decided to pinpoint areas "that would really help them grow as singers".
"There are so many little nuances that help a singer grow and trying to decide which I wanted to highlight was a challenge, in a good way," she said. "My goal with the curriculum was to demonstrate basic techniques from warm ups to breath control and even areas such as stage presence and finding your own style. The goal was not only to help with technique but also help artists to really figure out what style represents them and who they are as artists."
Christina has become a household name during her years in the industry, and is considered one of the most powerful female vocalists of her generation. But when it comes to performing herself, she often struggles to control her nerves.
"Believe it or not even this far down in my career I still get nervous before I perform," she laughed. "I make sure my voice is warmed up and use throat spray and lozenges to make sure it isn't dry."