Jacky Chandiru should have learnt from the likes of Ray C that drugs can reduce a person to nothing. While East African artistes are busy fighting the war against drugs, others continue to abuse them in secret.
Well, Jacky is currently in rehab after she came out clean that she was hooked to cocaine and other drugs. Before she was admitted Bunamwaya Rehab centre the lass is said to have over dozed and was fighting for her life at her home in Bukasa.

However there are a few photos of the lass in rehab (a room) making rounds on social media. She seems to have shed off alot of weight and her skintone has completely changed. She has bruises and scars on her feet and hands that most people are linking to either skin bleaching-gone-wrong or scars from the needles she was using on herself.checkout the photos below.

Hii ni moja ya hit song aliyotengeneza - Gold Digger