Did Wema Sepetu Betray Idris Sultan With A Kiss On Purpose?

Understanding Wema Sepetu is proving to be difficult for many people. She is not only known for her beauty, bubbly self but also for how she ‘moves’ from one guy to another. But lets face it, there is no such thing as bad publicity and this is what keeps the lass going.
Well, there is new a video of the actress making out with a certain Alejandro that is making rounds on social media. Apparently many claim that the video was leaked on purpose to show how the actress has been betraying to Idris Sultan’s trust.
But when you look at it, this video was well staged to keep their fans wanting for more. And as usual we are all falling for it (like the Ommy Dimpoz project)
The voice behind the Camera sounds too familiar and it’s easy to figure out that this was no ‘love affair’ as we are made to believe.